I live in Baltimore with my husband, Kwamina, and our son Benjamin Eyiku, plus our two cats, Maisie and Maestro aka “The Scamp”. While South Africa has long been my main second home, these days I’m found more often in Ghana. I work across English, Russian, Afrikaans, Shona, and Anglo-Fante literary traditions, and I am always glad to hear from other unorthodox comparatists. In addition to my main field of African literature, I publish on novel theory, literature and philosophy, comparative method, and Russian realism. I also edit the “Field Reports” blog on Modernism/modernity’s Print Plus website.

Aside from academic books and essays, I write for a wide range of public-facing venues. You can find links to that work on my “Other Writing” page.

I can be contacted at jjacks98@jhu.edu. 


(Photo credit: Rachel Smith Photography.)