I live in Baltimore with my husband, Kwamina, and my son Benjamin Eyiku. While South Africa has long been my main second home, I’m increasingly also found in Accra. I work across English, Russian, Afrikaans, Shona, and Anglo-Fante literary traditions, and am always glad to hear from other writers and unorthodox comparatists. In addition to my main regional field of African studies, I publish on novel theory, literature and philosophy, and comparative method.

Aside from academic books and essays, I write for more widely accessible venues like Africa in Words, Bookslut, n+1, The Literary Review, 3:AM Magazine, Public Books, The Conversation, and Popula. You can find links on my “Other Writing” page.

I can be contacted at jjacks98@jhu.edu, and am happy to share PDFs of articles and syllabi, or just keep in touch with scholars who have similar interests.

Family Portrait